Sunday, April 22, 2018

April Writer's Notes: The Story Inside

As you've probably noticed, I'm hard at work (ok maybe that's an exaggeration) on finishing The Birthing Tree. Some have despaired that the end will never be reached and now it is a mere 8 chapters away! I've even wondered a bit myself although the story still lived inside me. Writing is not as easy of a venture as some may believe. The story unfolds inside my imagination but putting the words down can be a complicated and frustrating experience. Time, the robber of dreams, always plays a part.

Writing a novel on a blog has been an interesting experience. Most of the story that unfolds here on Turn the Page is a "first draft". Yes, I do some minor editing before posting but the story can definitely be improved with more diligent editing. The challenge for me is that part of the novel plays out in first person and some in third. Both the viewpoint of the heroine and the villain are displayed at times in dreams and memories. I suck at dialogue and as such, I feel that I haven't included as much as perhaps I should have. Live and learn!

When I get to the epilogue, it won't be perfect but it will be the story with all its rough edges that I wanted to tell. A mixture of folklore, places, and childhood memories of unexplained events. A classic tale of good and evil, light and darkness, love and hate.

I'm so near the end that my mind has taken to leaping ahead and trying to decide what to write next. I keep reminding myself to focus on the next chapter, not some future project but my mind is restless and the imagination cannot always be tamed. I started Casting Shadows a while back as an entry in a contest so there's a part of me that would like to leave Annie behind for a while and focus on a totally different character and storyline. Yet another part of me wants to follow her immediately to New Orleans and see what unfolds there. In my mind, I have a rough storyline playing out that seems more developed and distinct than the novel Casting Shadows, so perhaps that is the direction I should go. But I get ahead of myself, I have time to decide after the epilogue of The Birthing Tree goes live on Turn the Page.

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