Friday, April 21, 2017

April Writer's Notes

The list of a writer goes on and on....there are so many story ideas that one could write 24/7 and never get to all of them....but of course of late....I have not been writing and that in and of itself creates a problem....a backlog of sooooo many ideas.

Currently I am focusing on making myself write The Birthing Tree and demand of myself that I do not start any other projects until it is finished. With the completion of Chapter 12 it is now 50% finished. In my notes, in my brain it is completely done!  Now the hard part is getting the actual words on paper! I know exactly what is going to happen!

But to keep myself on "this side of insanity" I am filling my writer's notebook with more and more ideas.

I am trying to decide what the next project will be......

1. There is Casting Shadows, a novel, of which I have already written the first chapter. New Orleans will never be the same after a series of murders.
2. There is Dark Dealings, a novel about some haunted decks that arrive unexpectedly in a woman's life and bring with them a series of strange and terrifying events.
3. There is the Gnome series that is alive in my imagination but has not tumbled onto the pages of the notebook yet. This is not cute and cuddly....these gnomes are evil! Well, most of them are!
4. There's the story about the strange wall in Shanghai which is a story I have yet to name. It could actually be just a short story that is part of a much longer Shanghai saga....
5. The two sequels to The Birthing Tree are dancing in my dreams....but don't you think I'd STOP thinking about them until the first one is finished!!

And many, many more....yikes.....must stay focused...finish...The Birthing Tree

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