Wednesday, October 12, 2016

When Life and Writing Collide

Hello all....I am sure you Birthing Tree readers are wondering if I'll ever finish that novel! Why yes, yes I will. Sometimes life collides with writing and things that at one point seem to just flow effortlessly, get jumbled and tangled. That's why I'm lucky I'm not writing for a living...I think perhaps I'd starve to death.

So Annie is still in South Dakota, along with Kane, Father Tamono, Shappa and a multitude of other players in this saga of light versus dark, good versus evil. The good news is that November is National Novel Writing Month, and while I won't be doing it officially because after all my novel is already partly written I am going to get back into my #1000Words (a day) goals.  I'll hopefully have another chapter soon (before November!)

I'm also going to find some time creating a post that merges the chapters together. That way if someone wants to read The Birthing Tree from start to finish they can use the combined posts rather than having to re-click for every chapter!

So hang on...better times are coming!

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