Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July Writer's Notes

I know, I know.....you don't really want to read a post about writing you want to read another chapter of The Birthing Tree.....we are getting there I promise!  However two things come into play this month! One I want to start posting regularly on Turn the Page and I don't always have a chapter reading for posting. Sad Sad! And two I am headed on a two week vacation out west so access to the blogs and other internet goodies aren't always available to me....so for now I'm following Ben's advice.

I'll be visiting some of the very locations that appear in The Birthing Tree and although I've been to South Dakota before, an overall better view of the west will I hope add some richness to the story. Plus added bonus....maybe I'll pick up some story ideas along the way! I'm taking my writer's notebook with me....cheers....right this minute I'm off having another adventure and doing something worth writing about!

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