Monday, May 4, 2015

Week Two Musing: The First Step

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  Lao-Tuz

And so it begins, this journey through life. Before we can even crawl, let alone take a step we embark on our lifetime. We engage others with our words, smiles, touch and personality. So too, we begin this years worth of musings, this 52 weeks of soul musings. Yet the quest has always been before you. Even when you do not acknowledge something it still exists.

How does one begin to connect with the inner self, to discover not just our true hearts desires, but to recognize how who we are is connected to a spiritual realm?  Most people today acknowledge a lack of direction, a feeling of being lost, sometimes realizing they don't even know their own likes and dislikes. They struggle with making a choice because they have no template to guide them.  Often when talking to people about finding contentment in life, their main question is "how to begin."

The simple answer to that is to "take a step."  Stop worrying about whether it is the "right" step, the best step or where it will lead.  Just take a step. It may begin by reading a book of inspirational sayings. It may be starting a blog of your own to muse about all manner of things. It may be reading and doing the 52 weekly soul musings. Regardless what you do, do something!  Move beyond the ordinary. Begin to have meaningful conversations with others. Conversations that make you laugh, make you dream, make you question life! Spend time embracing different cultures, beliefs, people and life itself!

Have you taken a single step? Have you started to move forward in this quest?  What was the step or what is the step you plan to take? Did you even know this journey had begun?  Did it start with an earth shattering BANG or was it but a whisper? 

Spend some time this week broadening your comfort zone. Include something out of the ordinary. Talk to someone you don't normally have a conversation with or take a different route to work. Perhaps wander into a store or shop that you haven't visited before. The most important thing is to move out of the ordinary and begin to open yourself to new things.

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